21 Things I’m Excited For This Season

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Watching an Oilers team struggle just has a certain level of comfortability doesn’t it? I know it’s just a prospects tournament, but watching any hockey only has me even more excited for when this season starts. So excited in fact, that I decided to make a list of what I’m looking forward to seeing the most.

The List
In no particular order, I really want to see:

1) If Grebeshkov is the same player we used to know.

2) Hall utterly dominate the first few months and force his way onto Team Canada.

3) If Omark can make the team out of camp and be useful at even strength.

4) A dual Yakupov/Omark goal celebration that temporarily blinds Don Cherry.

5) Dubnyk end the debate about whether he’s a legitimate #1 by finishing top 10-15 in SV % with ~60 GP.

6) If Eakins is the difference maker he’s been made out to be.

7) If Belov is the puckmover he’s been made out to be.

8) The Nuge and Eberle drop our jaws.

9) The Yakcity snipe-show. Can he pot 30?

10) The rest of the team get matching shoulder injuries to promote synergy.

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11) If Boyd Gordon can smother the Getzlafs/Thorntons/Sedins that he will most likely be matched up against.

12) If Hemsky can finally stay healthy and return to the player we know he can be.

13) If the added defensive depth is enough.

14) Tambellini land a job with the Flames.

15) If Ferrence is still a top-4 defenceman.

16) Schultz Jr. feeding forwards at full flight. Can he round out his game?

17) Who this Perron fella is. I’ve heard he’s got some hands.

18) More MacT pressers.

19) How Klefbom looks this season after hardly playing last year. Maybe he gets a cup of tea with the big club.

20) The Barbera.

21) If the Oilers can compete for a playoff spot or even bless us with a playoff appearance. Detroit leaving the conference makes anything seem possible at this point.

That’s my list. What do you have?


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2 Responses to 21 Things I’m Excited For This Season

  1. Craig the Goalie says:

    So true about the shoulder injuries haha, I loved the Detroit vs Edmonton games they were always entertaining but it is true about having one more playoff spot

  2. Derek Murray says:

    If we can stay ahead of Calgary, Phoenix and Anaheim then we might have a chance. Definitely doable.

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