MacTavish Finishes(?) His Goaltending Overhaul

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Because you can never see enough goaltenders in one season, MacTavish once again shook up the goaltending landscape in Edmonton today. Viktor Fasth is in, Bryzgalov is out.

Viktor Fasth
To start, Oilers management opened up some room for a trade by dealing the “Bryzly Bear” to Minnesota for a 4th round pick in this year’s draft. Personally, I never saw a future in Edmonton that had Bryzgalov in it, and with his contract expiring this year, in a lost season, getting anything of value for him that didn’t come with a cap-hit is a win in my books. More importantly though, it opened up the door for a second deal.

That deal came in the form of a 3rd round pick (2014) and 5th round pick (2015) going to Anaheim for Viktor Fasth, a player that Gene Principe is undoubtedly ecstatic about interviewing.

The book is still yet to be written about Fasth, who’s appeared in only 30 NHL games in his career, but even though he’s 31 years old (a bit of a late bloomer?), there’s still enough to like about this deal.  Looking at his SV% over the past 4 seasons in the NHL and the SHL (formerly SEL):

NHL: 30 GP; 91.5%
SHL: 88 GP; 92.8%

Now, those are both small sample sizes, especially when evaluating goalies, but those are respectable numbers nonetheless. I don’t know exactly what to expect out of a 31 year old goalie who’s played only 30 more NHL games than me, but if he can keep up a pace similar to the one he’s already set, we can chalk this up as a point for MacTavish. That depends largely on whether we can keep him around after his contract expires, but Fasth is currently signed through the 2014-2015 season at an AAV of $2.9 million, which can (hopefully) give management enough time to woo the Swede into staying for more than a cup of tea.

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At the end of the day though, a 3rd and 5th round pick is a very reasonable price for a goaltender that shows signs of being a possible starter, even if it’s more of a “1B” role.

More of Scrivens

The dealing today, combined with the resigning of Scrivens for 2 years at an AAV of $2.3 million should be great news for all Oilers fans. Management obviously feels that they’ve seen enough of him to invest in the man, but barring a complete meltdown, this looks to be a solid deal for the Oil.

In the 80 games he’s played so far in the NHL he’s posted a SV% of 92.0%, great numbers for a starter. Again, it’s a smaller sample size, but there’s enough there to make you think that Scrivens could be the real thing. And if he’s not, then there’s not much harm done with a contract of only 2 years and a modest cap hit.

The goaltending future in Edmonton is still far from certain (this year is evidence of that), but the club now has 2 viable options in net. Who starts in goal from this point forward will definitely be more of an interesting story in oil country.


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